Key 3

The key 3 of the lodge includes: Lodge Chief, Lodge Advisor, and Lodge Staff Advisor.  The Lodge Chief is elected by the youth members of the lodge each year and the Lodge Adviser and Staff Adviser are both appointed by the Scout Executive, commonly known as the "Supreme Chief of the Fire."

Past Key 3

Year Chief Lodge Adviser Lodge Staff Adviser
2024 Aiden Bahrens Brenda Harrison
1936 Jack Swetic
1937 Jack Swetic
1938 Harold Beyers
1939 Leonard Friend
1946 Harold Beyers
1947 Richard McClain
1948 Ellwood Rittenhouse
1949 Jim Kinney
1951 Robert Pasmore
1952 Joseph McGray
1953 Larry Snook
1954 Larry Snook
1955 James Carruthers
1956 Raymond Gramley
1957 Jerry Grawley
1958 John Mullon
1959 Fred Colyer
1960 Tom Clark Dave Kurtz
1961 Hal Yocum Dave Kurtz
1962 John Halderman Dave Kurtz
1963 Jack Yocum Sus Smith
1964 Ron Burnell Sus Smith
1965 Denny Klause Sus Smith
1966 Ron Ciccolini Sus Smith
1967 Earl Harris Sus Smith
1968 Randy Carper Dave Maneville
1969 Randy Carper Dave Maneville
1970 Tom Metz Lew Yost
1971 Tim Foltz Lew Yost
1972 Tim Bagshaw Lew Yost
1973 Mike Leaper Lew Yost
1974 Chris Simonetti Lew Yost
1975 Chris Simonetti Lew Yost
1976 Will Port Sam Gordon
1977 Will Port Sam Gordon
1978 Jim Gibson Sam Gordon
1979 Gary Ishler Sam Gordon
1980 Glenn Thompson Ben Seal
1981 Ed Seal Ben Seal
1982 Rob Wilson Tom White
1983 Tom Connare Tom White
1984 Chris Whitsel Tom White
1985 John Cavanaugh Tom White
1986 Dave Acker Tom White
1987 Mike Maclay Tom White
1988 Mike Maclay Rob Wilson
1989 Tom McClain  Rob Wilson Cummins McNitt
1990 Tom McClain Rob Wilson Cummins McNitt
1991  Chris Jodon Tim Miller Cummins McNitt
1992 Chris Jodon Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
1993 Andrew Forsythe Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
1994 Mike Wurst Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
1995  Clint Doyle Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
1996 Clint Doyle Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
1997 Kevin Feagley Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
1998 Ryan Calvert Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
1999 Tom Winters Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
2000 Mike Kemp Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
2001 Paul Horn Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
2002 Kelly Sitch Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
2003 Kelly Sitch Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
2004 Peter Horn Tim Miller Dave Kleinfelter
2005 Bruce Cutter Tim Miller Mark Messersmith
2006 Christian Horn Tim Miller Mark Messersmith
2007 Jon Cherry Tim Miller Mike McMonigal
2007 Jon Cherry Tim Miller Tim McClure
2008 Jon Cherry Tim Miller Tim McClure
2009 Nick Struble Joe Strigle Tim McClure
2010 Eric Mitch Joe Strigle Tim McClure
2011 Mike Conkey Joe Strigle Tim McClure
2012 Matt Coll Joe Strigle Dave Counsil
2013 Mike Cavanaugh Joe Strigle Dave Counsil
2014 Jon Chester Joe Strigle Dave Counsil
2014 Jon Chester Ed Smoyer Dave Blehi
2015 Chris Barnish Ed Smoyer Dave Blehi
2016 Zach Bonson Ed Smoyer Dave Blehi

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